"FangYuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd.,”began to engage in titanium white production in 1970. Since its restructuring and restructuring in 2000, the company has adhered to the green and environmental protection and boutique brand strategy, and the comprehensive management of waste and vice and comprehensive utilization of resources have been preliminarily formed. The company has been honored as "the advanced unit of energy conservation in the 12th five-year plan", "the leader of efficiency of titanium dioxide production enterprises", "the demonstration unit of green chemical industry" and other honors, and is one of the key enterprises of titanium dioxide industry in China with outstanding features of quality, quality, stability, clean production and circular economy.

         Company covers an area of 300 mu, is different from the traditional sulfuric acid method of pyrite titanium combined method of clean production technology, has a number of invention patents, won several provincial and municipal science and technology progress prize, exhaust gas treatment technology of acid solution state invention patent has been in the domestic transfer of more than 20 peer enterprises, turning kiln has been listed as a project of comprehensive utilization of waste heat from domestic titanium dioxide industry demonstration projects, waste acid concentration recycle patent technology online run steady for a long period of time, created the industry concentrated all the reuse of waste acid, acid solution of tailings and secondary tailings comprehensive utilization technology in the industry take the lead in economic operation, to achieve the good economic benefits and environmental benefits of the "win-win" situation, Made a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the industry.

         The company has a sound quality management system and quality analysis control technology. DCS control is adopted in the production process, and automation control is realized in key processes. Strict management of the production process to make "fangyuan" brand chain, besides appearance good whiteness, high decolorization strength, low oil absorption, uniform particle size and particle size distribution, dispersity and covering power is high, the product batches, the application performance of stability and tones, but also unique and special color, the quality of the products in the domestic leading level.

        The enterprise will take the domestic and foreign industry's long, creates the square area titanium white's new, by the green product and the high quality service repay society! To do domestic titanium dioxide outstanding supplier and construction of "fangyuan" international brand as a consistent pursuit, and constantly seek more healthy development!

Technical Achievements 

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